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The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) is one of the outstanding family-centered children patient care facilities situated in Ottawa. Over the past 40 years, CHEO has established itself as a world-class centre providing leading-edge treatment care for children and youth.

Danny Sylvestre’s life was dramatically altered when his daughter was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy by the doctors at CHEO. Until that point in her life, he had been told that she was “slow to physically develop” and that “she would learn like other children”. Knowing something is wrong with your child is heartbreaking, especially when you can’t find someone to listen.

Without the care and support provided by CHEO to both his daughter, and to himself as a young parent, both of their lives could have been negatively affected. Through the surgeries, the therapies and the countless late night visits, the specialists at CHEO patiently carried them through every kind of healing process. Today, she is vibrant testimony to just some of the vital services that CHEO provides.

Danny and a talented group of local artists are giving back to CHEO in the greatest way that they can.




With special guests, TBA


Lone Star Loft,
1211 Lemieux Street
(Blvd. St. Laurent), Ottawa


February 22, 2019
7PM – midnight

Danny Sylvestre

For Danny Sylvestre, music has always been a part of his life.

In 2015 Danny released “Tailgate Songs” which garnered enough attention in Nashville that it was posted in the 58th Annual Grammy Awards first round list under Category 26 Best Country Solo Performance for new vocal or instrumental solo country recordings.

In September 2017, he will release his new single called “I Quit!”. From September to December 2017, all download proceeds will be given to CHEO.


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Lone Star Loft,
1211 Lemieux Street
(Blvd. St. Laurent), Ottawa

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